What’s New at Your Library


New Adventure Series: “Jade del Cameron” by Suzanne Arruda

Get ready for a new heroine: She shoots, she goes to Africa to heal from the trauma of World War I, she finds mystery and romance, she is Jade del Cameron.  After serving as an ambulance driver on the Front in France, Jade is drawn to East Africa at a time when safaris were set up as hunts for ivory, trophies, and gold.

Jade is a twenty-something woman who grew up in New Mexico on a ranch that gave her the skill set she needs to go to post-war Africa in the 1920s.  She can repair her Model-T and find solutions to problems that beset her as she encounters evil in the form of a witch who can make animals do his bidding and who can turn into the animals to hunt prey (human or animal).

The first book in the series, The Mark of the Lion in which she meets Harry Hascombe, a big game hunter and guide.  While he attempts to woo her, she is suspicious of his motives and evades his advances.  The reader is left with unanswered questions that lead to the next in the series, Stalking Ivory, a tale of ivory poachers and the introduction of Sam Featherstone, another suitor.

The remaining books in the series are: The Serpent’s Daughter; The Crocodile’s Embrace; Treasure of the Golden Cheetah; The Leopard’s Prey.

The series is available for checkout and the librarian recommends reading them in order.  This series is a great read for those wanting to get a glimpse into the post World War I era in Africa when big game hunting was adventure and the world was on the brink of another World War.  The author includes recommended reading  lists (fiction and non-fiction) at the end of each book–some of which are on the shelves at the Aneta Public Library!!

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What do you know about Norse Mythology?

Norse Mythology, a new arrival at the Aneta Public Library, will be a great  resource to help you learn about Odin, Loki, Freya, and other characters that populate the stories of the Scandinavian culture. The author, Neil Gaiman, is known for his quirky subjects and is very popular among young adults.

You plan to go to the movie?  –Read the book first!–

       The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wahl is available at the Aneta Public Library and Half-Broke Horses, the sequel is available as well.  Both books have been around for some years and are the memoirs of Ms. Wahl.  In an interview on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s, “The Next Chapter” with Sheilagh Rogers, the author spoke about her reaction to the movie-adaptation of her book.  By in large, she felt the director did a good job, but some events were combined, “to make a better story”.  That’s why your librarian suggests reading the book first–the movie will make more sense that way!!!


THE GLASS CASTLE Official Trailer [2017] Drama Movie HD.mp4
Based on the best-selling memoir, THE GLASS CASTLE is an emotionally gripping true story. Thriving on stellar performances throughout, it explores the limits of family ties and the history that tests them.

New Arrivals

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     With The Sharing Knife series, Bujold creates a brand new world fraught with peril, and spins an extraordinary romance between a young farm girl and the brave sorcerer-soldier entrusted with the defense of the land against a plague of vicious malevolent beings. Meet Fawn Bluefield and Dag Redwing Hickory in Beguilement, the first book in Bujold’s unforgettable four-volume fantasy saga, and witness the birth of their dangerous romance—a love threatened by prejudice and perilous magic, and by Dag’s sworn duty as Lakewalker patroller and necromancer.  This series is sure to please the adventure-seeking, fantasy-reading spirit in many of our readers.